Bright Club Dundee #21: 2015 Women in Science Festival special

Bright Club Dundee will return once again in this year’s ever-growing Women in Science Festival, taking place on Tuesday 10th March 2015, at Braes Basement Bar, 14-18 Perth Road, Dundee. Doors open at 7.30pm with the show kicking off at 8.30pm.

Comedian Susan MorrisonSusan Morrision will kick the show off with her wit and charm and introduce to you our fabulous line up:

Kate Cross – Actually, It’s About Ethics In Psychology Research
Deborah Peel – Foolishness and Serious Plans
Kelly Kanayama – The Future is Ridiculous
Becky Boulton – Sex, Bugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll
Kyle Marian Viterbo – What Indiana Jones Forgot to Mention
Hannah Sonnenberg – Organising Fly Orgies


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