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Bright Club is a comedy club that runs in cities all over the UK, but started as an experiment in University College London. They asked:

What would happen if we got a bunch of interesting comedians and musicians, and combined them with all of the fascinating people who work for one of the UK’s best Universities?

And what would happen if we did that combining on a stage, in front of an attractive and intelligent public audience?

And what if we didn’t worry about whether people were famous, or experienced, or had been on TV, and instead just picked people that we thought were brilliant at telling stories about what they know?

The answer? Over 60 London Bright Club’s, and 11 more cities later Bright Club has become a regular comedy night all over the country.

Dundee’s own Bright Club started on Tuesday 8th November 2011. We run regular events in Dundee. Visit our upcoming shows page for more information.

We hope you’ll enjoy Bright Club Dundee, and if you have any questions or comments please contact us or visit our Facebook page for the quickest updates and to find out more about our upcoming shows.


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  1. Do you proI saw the article in THE this week about bright club and wanted to find out who’ doing one near me to find out about participating at some point. Do you run the workshop, etc to help you get onstage? If not, do you know where I can get that part? Or have you found it’s not needed? Anyways, want to know more. Does it matter if I’m up in Aberdeen?

    Oh, and can someone fix the form so that it’s not white letters on a white background, or is that just a safari thing?

  2. Bright Club Dundee says:

    Hi Bruce, We’re replied privately but also I’m pleased to say as of 5 minutes ago we were also able to fix this form.

    Best wishes,
    Bright Club Dundee team

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